Q.: What do you have to do?
A.: Contact us at erairl@iol.ie or 01 9012093 to arrange a short meeting...

Q.: Is there really no involvement required from staff?
A.: Our service is designed to eliminate the need for your staff to get involved during the data collection investigation stages. We will need to have an initial meeting of approx. one hour to get the background, we will require the list of suppliers, the total annual spend per annum, access to hard or soft copy documents and answers to some questions that invariably will arise but these can be dealt with by a designated staff member. At the appropriate time we will have a pre-report meeting with you and you will make the decisions. Each expenditure area is a project in itself.

Q.: How long will a typical project take?
A.: From receipt of the data, most projects take from one to two weeks to establish potential savings, leading to our pre report meeting.

Q.: How quickly can savings recommendations be implemented?
A.: We are very focussed on getting a profitable outcome for you. To ensure that this happens, we monitor the implementation phase of the project so that all changes are put in place quickly, efficiently and sustainably. Expect to see the benefits coming through in lower costs immediately following implementation.

Q.: Can I check that the identified savings are real and that the Audit Reports give a true picture of what is happening?
A.: The Cost Savings Report and the Audit Reports are designed to allow for a full independent audit of our findings. The data we present is obtained from your records and can be easi1y accessed for verification.

Q.: For how long will I see the savings continue?
A.: Our experience is that you should expect to receive savings for between three and five years. Changing buying patterns and rapid market changes affect the longevity of each project as well as staff changes in your organisation.

Q.: What happens when ERI have completed the four Audits Reports?
A.: At the end of the first twelve months following implementations of our recommendations we hand over to your staff. We will, if you require, negotiate prices for the following twelve months on your behalf as part of our service and with your staffs' involvement.

Q.: Can't I undertake the project myself?
A.: ERI has the time, focus and expertise to bring projects to a successful conclusion. Many companies start projects but cannot complete them due to other priorities. We have a very high success rate.

Q.: Do you have favoured suppliers?
A.: No; our recommendations will depend on your specific requirements. We work solely on your behalf and our only income is from sharing the savings achieved in year one.

See our service list of the cost areas.

  • We would recommend Expense Reduction Ireland (ERI) to any company looking to achieve immediate cost savings from their existing cost base. Despite our own best efforts to reduce costs in this economic climate, it was a huge advantage to have a partner as professional and efficient as ERI to benchmark our costs and deliver savings far beyond what we could have achieved ourselves. We look forward to working with ERI in the future DJ Corbett, Financial Controller, TV3 Group

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  • Expense Reduction Ireland delivered significant savings for us in differing fields of service. Their interaction with both client and end customer was very professional. We would recommend the services of Expense Reduction Ireland, following through on achieving savings! Edel Dunne, Associate Director Finance, Elan Pharma International Ltd

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  • Expense Reduction Ireland have consistently been able to deliver savings to our business over the past 5 years and we would have no hesitation in recommending them to potential customers. Aidan Keane, Finance Director of BWG Foods

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  • Fintan Swanton and ERI carried out a very detailed analysis of our expenses and in some cases negotiated a reduction in costs of 50%. They provide a very professional service and in this economic climate, it’s a vital exercise for any business to undertake. Liam O’Brien, Client Services Manager at SS&C Technologies

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